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Boob Wallpaper

More than 350 women signed up for Sam's final degree show project. Each were photographed topless to create a repeated wallpaper raising funds for Breast Cancer awareness. 

Taking part were women who had breast reductions, enlargements, nips and tucks, women with mastectomies and double mastectomies, a transgender lady, women who were breast feeding their babies and even one professional wet nurse and one lady reverend. 

The women were from all walks of life, aged between 19 and 82, and came together in the name of celebrating their bodies and highlighting a shared wish for society not to objectify boobs but to celebrate them. Women's body confidence is at an all-time low and this project was about the individual women who took park and how empowered it made them feel. The project raised money for Breast Cancer Awareness and the wallpaper was sold all over the world. 

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